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What She does?

       I am a Special Education Teacher. I create an individualized program of instruction to meet the needs of students who have a difficult time in school. Some students may need help in math. I tailor a math program to meet those deficit areas. Other students may have a difficult time with general life skills. This might include "real life skills". Our community Based Instructions (CBI's) are designed to help this aspect of the student's education. I build this into the students daily educational experience.

      Every student I work with has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Parents, teachers and other related professionals such as speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapist and adaptive physical education teachers created an IEP. We meet as a group to determine  the needs and preferences of the needs and preferences of the students. Often times, the student, is a participant at the meeting.

       Helping me with all of this is a dedicated staff of paraprofessionals. They are the eyes and ears for me. They also assist in the implementation of the educational plans for the success of all of my students.

      This is a very rewarding career. I work with wonderful and caring families along with supportive and amazing personnel. It truly is a group effort in education these special and extraordinary students.

Areas of Concern

a. Communication.

b. Self - care.

c. Home Living Skills.

d. Social skills.

e. Appropriate use of resources in the community.

f. Self-direction.

g. Health and Safety.

h. Applying academic skills in life.

i. Lesisure.

j. Work.

Community Based Instruction Philosophy

Community based instruction is part of a comprehensive functional curriculum for the students with disabilities. It is skill training conducted in real world settings, in the presence of the general population, using naturally occurring cues and materials, while being supported by trained personnel. Community based instruction is important for students, especially those with poor generalization skills, to learn specific skills in he settings where they will be used.




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